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Radicalization: Are Europe’s Secularisms an Answer?

Radicalization: Are Europe’s Secularisms an Answer?

Samim Akgönül


The ITIRI is proud to host « Radicalization: Are Europe’s Secularisms the Answer? », a seminar intended to tackle the topic of religious and political radicalization in contemporary Europe. Lead by Samim Akgönül, the seminar will wade into the world of cause and effect, asking who is vulnerable to radicalization and assessing critically the European response. Participants will discuss Europe’s myriad secularisms and ask if they have helped or hindered the process of radicalization and/or de-radicalisation, and will engage with the role of religious, ethnic and social categories in this ever more pressing issue for international society.

Samim Akgönül, author of Religions de Turquie Religions des Turcs (2006), Laicite en débat (2009), Minority concept in the Turkish Context (2014) co-editor of the Yearbook of Muslims in Europe and expert in European minority issues, is a Historian and Political scientist at the University of Strasbourg, researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and co-leads the « Religions and pluralism » research team with the DRES centre. Aside from his teaching commitments for French programs he teaches for a number of programs regarding international relations in Strasbourg and several Turkish and American Universities.

This seminar has been organised by the Erasmus Mundus Strasbourg Students pursuing a Master in European Studies on Politics, Society and Culture in a Global Context, in conjunction with the ITIRI and the generous participation of Samim Akgönül. All students of the ITIRI and all who are interested are invited to participate in this unique event, which will take place in the Amphi Pangloss next Wednesday, 30th of March at 6pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Secularism in Western Europe

Secularism in Western Europe

By Samim Akgönül

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Read the Article : Secularism in Europe

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Secularism in Western Europe

 Secularism in Western Europe

By: Samim Akgönül

Source: Oxford Islamic Studies Online


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