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Journée de l’AFSR – Religions et migrations 28 juin 2019

Journée de l’Association française de Sciences sociales des religions 28 juin 2019

Journée de l’AFSR – Religions et migrations 28 juin 2019


Salle Lombard, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, 96 bd Raspail – Paris 6e – Entrée libre

9h45     Accueil


Conférence d’ouverture :

  • Nancy Green, EHESS, CRH : « Histoire, migrations et religion »

Terrains croisés :

  • Samim Akgönül, Université de Strasbourg, DRES : « L’Islam turc en Europe est-il une religion d’immigrés ? Fragmentations et loyautés sur fond de conflits internes »
  • Alexis Artaud de La Ferrière, University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies : « Pratiques et identifications religieuses lors du passage migratoire »
  • Pamela Millet, EHESS, CéSoR : « Des chrétiens racisés en France : représentations de soi et subjectivations politiques intersectionnelles transversales »
  • Josselin Tricou, Université de Rouen, Legs : « les Chaldéen-ne-s de Sarcelles : la migration comme mise en tension entre les significations patrimoniale et croyante de la religion »

 13h      BUFFET


  • Bilan, échange et discussion : quel(s) rôle(s) et quels contours pour l’AFSR?
  • Proposition de projets et renouvellement du Conseil d’Administration.


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İstanbullu Rumlar ve 1964 Sürgünleri

İstanbullu Rumlar ve 1964 Sürgünleri

Türk Toplumunun Homojenleşmesinde Bir Dönüm Noktası

Derleyen : İlay Romain Örs


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The Western Balkans in the World

The Western Balkans in the World

Linkages and Relations with Non-Western Countries

Edited by Florian Bieber, Nikolaos Tzifakis

London, Routledge, 2019

Introduction: The Influence of External Actors in the Western Balkans

Florian Bieber and Nikolaos Tzifakis

Chapter 1 Security co-operation in the Western Balkans: Cracks and erosion of Euro-Atlantic integration?

Tobias Flessenkemper and Marko Kmezić

Chapter 2 The economic development of the Western Balkans: The importance of non-EU actors

Matteo Bonomi and Milica Uvalic

Part I Western Balkan Case Studies

Chapter 3 Serbia: Looking East, going West?

Florent Marciacq

Chapter 4 Bosnia and Herzegovina: Abandoned by the West, embraced by the East?

Adnan Huskic

Chapter 5 Kosovo: Between Western and Non-Western States

Gëzim Visoka

Chapter 6 North Macedonia: A fertile ground for external influences

Zoran Nechev and Ivan Nikolovski

Chapter 7 Montenegro: Always at a Crossroads

Jovana Marovic

Chapter 8 Albania: New Geopolitics and shifting linkages

Enika Abazi

Part II Non-Western Countries

Chapter 9 Russia: Playing a Weak Hand Well

Dimitar Bechev

Chapter 10 China: A New Geoeconomic Approach to the Balkans

Anastas Vangeli

Chapter 11 Turkey: Forced marriage or marriage of convenience with the Western Balkans?

Ahmet Erdi Öztürk and Samim Akgönül

Chapter 12 UAE: Sultanism meets illiberal democracy

Will Bartlett and Tena Prelec


Florian Bieber and Nikolaos Tzifakis

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The Routledge Handbook of Turkish Politics

The Routledge Handbook of Turkish Politics

Edited by Alpaslan Özerdem, Matthew Whiting

Routledge, 514 p.






  1. Turkish Politics: Structures and Dynamics Samim Akgönül & Baskin Oran
  2. Turkey’s Never Ending Search for Democracy İlter Turan
  3. Turkish Secularism: Looking Forward and Beyond the West Murat Somer
  4. Political Islam Kristin Fabbe & Efe Murat Balıkçıoğlu
  5. The Politics of Turkish Nationalism: Continuity and Change Durukan Kuzu




  1. Elections, Parties and the Party System Ersin Kalaycıoğlu
  2. The Presidency: From Independence to the AKP Menderes Çınar & Nalan Soyarık Şentürk 8. Civil Military Relations Metin Heper
  3. NGOs and Civil Society Markus Ketola
  4. The Media and Media Policy Eylm Yanardağlu



  1. Political Economy Alu Burak Güven
  2. Energy Security and Policy: Between Bandwagoning and Hedging H. Akın Ünver
  3. The Politics of Environment and Climate Change Ümit Şahin
  4. The Eonomic Role of Cities Stephen Karam
  5. Governing the Diaspora(s) and the Limits of Diaspora Diplomacy Bahar Başer
  6. Disaster Management Policy and Governance Helena Hermansson & Naim Kapucu



  1. The Kurdish Question Zeynep N. Kaya & Matthew Whiting
  2. The Kurdish Insurgency David Romano
  3. The Perennial Kurdish Question and Failed Peace Processes Cengiz Çandar
  4. Terrorism, Counter-Insurgency and Societal Relations Gareth Jenkins
  5. The Village Guard System: Counter-Insurgency and Local Collaboration Evren Balta 22. The 15 July 2016 Failed Coup and the Security Sector Yaprak Gürsoy



  1. Human Rights Zehra F. Kabasakal Arat
  2. Politics and the Women’s Movement Sevgi Adak
  3. Religious Minorities Samim Akgönül
  4. Religious Education Bekir S. Gür
  5. The Transformation of Health and Healthcare Enis Bariş



  1. Foreign Policy, 1923-2018 Mustafa Aydın
  2. Resetting Foreign Policy in a Time of Global Turmoil E. Fuat Keyman
  3. Turkey and its Neighbours in the Middle East: Iran, Iraq and Syria Behlül Özkan
  4. US-Turkish Relations in Turmoil Kemal Kirişci
  5. Turkey and Russia Pavel K. Baev
  6. Forgotten Promises and the Possibilities for Reviving Relations between Turkey and the EU Füsun Özerdem
  7. Turkey’s Cyprus Policy in Transition Birol A. Yeşilada
  8. Turkey-NATO Relations: Strategic Imperatives, Identity-Building and Predicaments Müge Kınacıoğlu
  9. Turkey and UN Peace Keeping Missions Haluk Karadağ
  10. Turkey as an Emerging Global Humanitarian and Peacebuilding Actor Alpaslan Özerdem



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Genre et espace (post-)ottoman : entre Empire et État-nation

Genre et espace (post-)ottoman : entre Empire et État-nation

Table Ronde


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Religion as a Foreign Policy Tool

Religion as a Foreign Policy Tool

Scrutinising the multi-dimensional role of Turkey’s Diyanet abroad

Edited by Samim Akgönül and Ahmet Erdi Öztürk

European Journal of Turkish Studies 27/2018



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The Wiley International Handbook of Educational Foundations

The Wiley International Handbook of Educational Foundations


Alan S. Canestrari (Editor), Bruce A. Marlowe (Editor)


Part I Challenging the Foundations Narrative 1

1 A Story of Hegemony: The Globalization of Western Education 3
Alan S. Canestrari and Margaret M. Foster

2 Community Development: Learning from Popular Education in Latin America 21
Liam Kane

3 Educational Reform in India and Pakistan: Successes and Missed Opportunities 31
Ali Hamza and Divyanshi Wadhwa

4 Rethinking African Educational Development 47
Elsa Wiehe

Part II Challenging Notions of Normalcy and Dominion 65

5 Implicit Bias and the Bias Awareness Gap: The Global Implications of Equity‐Driven Education 67
Gloria Graves Holmes

6 Linguistic Hegemony and “Official Languages” 89
Timothy Reagan

7 National Education in France: From Ideological Rigidity to Identity Flexibility 107
Samim Akgönül

8 The Move Towards Inclusive Education in Ethiopia 123
Alemayehu Tekelemariam Haye

Part III Challenging the Profession 141

9 Teacher Education in an Audit Culture 143
Alexander Bean and Rachel Rush‐Marlowe

10 Teacher Education and Inclusionary Practices: Sharing Delhi University Experiences 157
Jyoti Raina

11 Teachers’ Work and Teachers’ Unions in the Global Education Reform Movement (GERM) 175
Lois Weiner and Mary Compton

12 Understanding Japan’s Sensei: The Status of Teachers in Japan 189
Ryan Monahan

Part IV Challenging the Curriculum 205

13 Education and the Arts: Educating Every Child in the Spirit of Inquiry and Joy 207
Mariale M. Hardiman

14 Constructivist Foundations, Learning Standards, and Adolescents: The Chaotic World of American Secondary Education 229
Marilyn Monks Page and Samantha Painter

15 Teaching and Learning with Technology 245
Matthew T. Marino, Maya Israel, Eleazar Vasquez III, Karin M. Fisher, and Ben Gallegos

16 Advancing Pharmaceutical Health: Education towards Better Global Health 261
Iman A. Basheti and Bandana Saini

Part V Challenging the Idea of Schooling 283

17 Less Stress and More Well‐Rounded Development : Recent Education Reforms in China and Why They Don’t Work 285
Gaoming Zhang

18 “For a Future Tomorrow”: The Figured Worlds of Schoolgirls in Kono, Sierra Leone 301
Jordene Hale

19 When More Is Not Necessarily Better: Insights into Romanian Higher Education 321
Teodora A. Șerban‐Oprescu and George L. Șerban‐Oprescu

20 Historical Features of Early Childhood Education: Maria Montessori and Loris Malaguzzi 335
Nicola S. Barbieri

Part VI Challenging Injustice, Inequity, and Enmity 351

21 Legal Education in Authoritarian Syria: Reflections on Studying and Teaching in the Damascus Law Faculty 353
Abdulhay Sayed

22 Developing Conscientious Institutions of Higher Education in Southeast Asia: A Framework for Action 369
Teay Shawyun

23 Can Academics Across the Divide Teach Together?: The Israeli/Palestinian Experiment 399
Manuel Hassassian and Edward (“Edy”) Kaufman

24 Eugenic Ideology and the Institutionalization of the “Technofix” on the Underclass 415
Ann G. Winfield

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