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Localizing Islam in Europe

Localizing Islam in Europe
Turkish Islamic Communities in Germany and the Netherlands

Ahmet Yükleyen

In the twentieth century, Muslim minorities emerged in Europe seeking work, a refuge from conflict, and higher life standards. As a result, there are now more than 12 million Muslims in Western Europe. As these immigrants became permanent residents, the Islamic communities they developed had to respond to their European context, reinterpreting Islam in accordance with local conditions. In Localizing Islam in Europe, Yükleyen brings this adaptation to light, demonstrating how Islam and Europe have shaped one another and challenging the idea that Islamic beliefs are inherently antithetical to European secular, democratic, and pluralist values.


Yûkleyen compares five different forms of religious communities among Muslim immigrants in the Netherlands and Germany that represent a spectrum from moderate to revolutionary Islamic opinions. Drawing on extensive fieldwork, he finds that, despite differences in goals and beliefs, these communities play an intermediary role, negotiating between the social and religious needs of Muslims and the socioeconomic, legal, and political context of Europe. Yûkleyen’s rich ethnography shows that there is no single form of assimilated and privatized « European Islam » but rather Islamic communities and their interpretations and practices that localize Islam in Europe.

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Publié par le février 23, 2012 dans Nouvelles Publications


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Törkiy ziro poynt

Liet International

International song festival in a European minority language


Liet International is the international song festival for the best new song in a European minority language. Liet International was invented and developed in the year 2002 in Friesland. The idea was, after ten succesfull editions of Frisian songcontest Liet, to try a similar event at the European level for the best new song in a minority language. The idea was and is to give bands who sing in a minority language an international stage to perform. In seven years Liet International has grown to be the anthitetis of the Eurovision song festival, with the big difference that Liet prohibits singing in English. Today Liet International is one of the largest events for promotion of minority languages. Liet International is organized by the Frisian Foundation Liet International in collaboration with its  cooperation of partners in Scotland, Scandinavia, Italy and Spain.

The sixth edition of song contest Liet International will be held on Saturday 31 october. After two editions in the Swedish Lapland in 2006 and 2008 the festival once again will be held in city theatre De Harmonie in Leeuwarden.

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Publié par le octobre 30, 2009 dans Manifestations culturelles


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