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Politiske fredagsprædikener – Tyrkiets officielle islam er politisk

Politiske fredagsprædikener

Tyrkiets officielle islam er politisk

Samim Akgönül

Kristeligd Dagblad


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Launch of NMR

Nordic Migration Research


International migration and ethnic relations are fundamental issues in Nordic societies today. They currently bring challenges to politics, policy making and academic research which need to be met with a multidisciplinary and international framework. Nordic countries vary in migrant numbers, countries of origin, years of residence, integration policies and public attitudes. The common Nordic ground and some demographical and historical differences however make research collaboration very rewarding. 

Increased migration due to reasons originating both outside and within the Nordic countries and Europe will influence these societies a great deal in the near future. To provide comprehensive knowledge for academics, policy makers and publics researchers aim to establish a Nordic Research Network for international migration and ethnic relations (IMER). Later changed to Nordic Migration Research (NMR). For more information on NMR read…




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