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İstanbullu Rumlar ve 1964 Sürgünleri

İstanbullu Rumlar ve 1964 Sürgünleri

Türk Toplumunun Homojenleşmesinde Bir Dönüm Noktası

Derleyen : İlay Romain Örs


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The Western Balkans in the World

The Western Balkans in the World

Linkages and Relations with Non-Western Countries

Edited by Florian Bieber, Nikolaos Tzifakis

London, Routledge, 2019

Introduction: The Influence of External Actors in the Western Balkans

Florian Bieber and Nikolaos Tzifakis

Chapter 1 Security co-operation in the Western Balkans: Cracks and erosion of Euro-Atlantic integration?

Tobias Flessenkemper and Marko Kmezić

Chapter 2 The economic development of the Western Balkans: The importance of non-EU actors

Matteo Bonomi and Milica Uvalic

Part I Western Balkan Case Studies

Chapter 3 Serbia: Looking East, going West?

Florent Marciacq

Chapter 4 Bosnia and Herzegovina: Abandoned by the West, embraced by the East?

Adnan Huskic

Chapter 5 Kosovo: Between Western and Non-Western States

Gëzim Visoka

Chapter 6 North Macedonia: A fertile ground for external influences

Zoran Nechev and Ivan Nikolovski

Chapter 7 Montenegro: Always at a Crossroads

Jovana Marovic

Chapter 8 Albania: New Geopolitics and shifting linkages

Enika Abazi

Part II Non-Western Countries

Chapter 9 Russia: Playing a Weak Hand Well

Dimitar Bechev

Chapter 10 China: A New Geoeconomic Approach to the Balkans

Anastas Vangeli

Chapter 11 Turkey: Forced marriage or marriage of convenience with the Western Balkans?

Ahmet Erdi Öztürk and Samim Akgönül

Chapter 12 UAE: Sultanism meets illiberal democracy

Will Bartlett and Tena Prelec


Florian Bieber and Nikolaos Tzifakis

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