Islamic Education and Public School

28 Mar


Islamic Education and Public School

Workshop 6th-8th of April 2016

Arden Conference Centre, University of Warwick

April 6th

Lunch 13-14

14-14.30 Welcome and Introduction

Jenny Berglund & Leslie Francis


Conceptions of Islamic Religious Education: Implications for Public Schooling

Farid Panjwani

Discussions on Islamic Education in Turkey

Nuri Tinaz

The Education of Islam in Finnish schools: Equality, Integration, Securitization

Tuula Sakaranaho

Discussant: Ina ter Avest



Between old traditions and new diversities – Islamic religious education in Poland

Agata S. Nalborczyk & Konrad Pedtziwiatr

(Re)discovering one’s religion – private Islamic education in Lithuanian Muslim communities

Egdunas Racius

Islamic Education in Austria – New Discourses and Recent Developments

Elif Mendini

Discussant: Farid Panjwani

Dinner 19.30

April 7th



Islamic Education in Public School and Mosques in Germany – Relations of Tension or Cooperation?

Tuba Isik

Traditional Islamic and mainstream schooling in contemporary England: characteristics, interactions, challenges & ongoing issues.

Bill Gent

Homework and housework in the house of study – a contribution to a pedagogic civil society

Ina ter Avest

Discussant: Abdullah Sahin



Integrating ‘deen’ and ‘dunya’ in education, to create coherence for British Muslim pupils’

Karamat Iqbal

Islamic religious education and religious nurture in UK Muslim communities: diversity, challenges and possibilities.

Farah Ahmed  

Publicly funded Islamic Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Amina Isanovic Hadziomerovic

Discussant: Bill Gent

Lunch 13.30-15


Islamic Religious Education or Islamic Ethos? An Exploration into the Rationale for Irish Muslim Schools.

Youcef Sai

Religious education for minorities – perspectives from Islamic reigious education in Finnish schools

Inkeri Rissanen

Identity construction of public funded Islamic primary schools in the Netherlands; an historical approach

Bahaeddin Budak


Dinner 19.00

April 8th



Marrying the two: A case of Islamic religious education in Sweden’s public education system

Ailin Abdullah

 Religious education in Italian public schools: what room for Islam?

Stella Coglievina

Teaching Islam and about Islam in the Spanish public system: the confessional and the cultural approach to a controversial heritage.

Elena Arigita

Discussant: Tuula Sakaranaho


Islamic education, education of Islam, education on Islam: paradoxes and evolutions in the French public schooling. 

Samim Akgönül

Politics of Teaching Islam within Secular/Multicultural Mainstream British Educational System:  A Pedagogic Critique 

Abdullah Sahin

Hidden knowledge; the value or cost of Islamic religious education in secular schooling?

Jenny Berglund

 Discussant: Leslie Frances

Lunch 13.30-14.30

14.30-16 Conclusions, final discussion and network suggestion.




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