Turkey’s Democratization Process

06 Oct

Turkey’s Democratization Process

edited by Carmen Rodriguez, Antonio Avalos, Hakan Yilmaz, Ana I. Planet, London: Routledge, 2013


1 Democratization processes in defective democracies: the case of Turkey-Carmen Rodríguez, Antonio Avalos, Hakan Yılmaz and Ana I. Planet
2 The Formation of Citizenship in Turkey – Ibrahim Saylan
3 Two Steps Forward One Step Back: Turkey’s Democratic Transformation – İlter Turan
4 The International Context of Democratic Reform in Turkey – William Hale

Part I: Political Society
5 Party System and Democratic Consolidation in Turkey: Problems and Prospects – Sabri Sayarı
6 What did They Promise for Democracy and What Did They Deliver? – Işık Gürleyen

Part II: Civil Society
7 Democratic Consolidation and Civil Society in Turkey – Fuat Keyman and Tuba Kancı
8 Democratization in Turkey from a Gender Perspective – Pınar İlkaracan
9 The Istanbul Art Scene – A Social System? – Marcus Graf

Part III: Economic Arena
10 Deepening Neo-liberalisation and the Changing Welfare Regime in Turkey: Mutations of a Populist “Sub-Optimal” Democracy – Mine Eder

Part IV: State Apparatus
11 New Public Administration in Turkey – Süleyman Sözen
12 Determinants of Tax Evasion by Households: Evidence from Turkey- Ali Çarkoğlu and Fikret Adaman 13 From Tutelary Powers and Interventions to Civilian Control: an Overview of Turkish Civil-Military Relations since the 1920s – Yaprak Gürsoy
14 The Judiciary – Ergun Özbudun

Part V: Rule of Law
15 Democracy, Tutelarism and the Search for a New Constitution – Ergun Özbudun
16 Human Rights in Turkey – Senem Aydın
17 The Paradox of Equality: Subjective Attitudes Towards basic Rights in Turkey – Ayşen Candaş Bilgen and Hakan Yılmaz
18 The Kurdish Question: Law, Politics and the Limits of Recognition – Dilek Kurban
19 Non- Muslim Minorities in the Democratization Process of Turkey – Samim Akgönül
20 Democratization in Turkey? Insights from the Alevi Issue – Elise Massicard
21 The Political Economy of the media and its impact on the freedom of expression in Turkey – Ceren Sözeri


Some Observations on Turkey’s Democratization Process – Carmen Rodríguez, Antonio Avalos, Hakan Yılmaz and Ana I. Planet

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