Islamic Education in Secular Societies

21 Sep

Islamic Education in Secular Societies

Aslan, Ednan / Rausch, Margaret (eds.)

In Cooperation with Sedef Sertkan and Zsófia Windisch

Collection: Wiener Islamstudien – volume 4

Année de publication: 2013

Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2013. 346 pp., 5 tables
ISBN 978-3-631-64586-4 hb.  (Hardcover)

islamic education

Through history, Islam was the dominant religion and source of legitimation for ruling entities in diverse contexts where cultures and religions thrived in harmony. Today, the presence of Muslims as citizens in secular societies poses challenges, either by belonging to minorities in Western countries with long secular traditions or by comprising minority or majority populations in post-communist East European and Central Asian societies, where secular values are being revised. As Muslims reconceive the role of religion in their lives in those contexts, Islamic education acquires importance. It assists the young, especially adolescents, in learning to identify more fully with local realities with the intention of building sense of inner connectedness through which they may truly take part in and be of service to society. The contributors to this volume explore how the religious and secular, as well as the traditional and modern intersect in Islamic educational institutions that benefit Muslims and their societies by averting extremism and promoting cohesion.

Margaret Rausch: Introduction: Secularism and Islamic Education in Western and Post-Communist Societies –

Ednan Aslan: Approaches to the Concept of Secularism from the Perspective of Muslims –

Samim Akgönül: Religious Education and Education about Religion: Preliminary Reflections –

Eileen M. Daily: Catholic Religious Education in the Secular Society of the United States –

Margaret Rausch: Secularism and the Muslim Presence in the United States –

Martin Rothgangel: Religious Education in Secular Germany from an Evangelical Perspective –

Aysun Yasar: Islamic Instruction in Public Schools in Germany: Expectations and Challenges –

Johan Meuleman: Islam and Education in the Netherlands –

Jenny Berglund: Islamic Education in Sweden –

Muhamed Ali: Educational Activities of Turkey in the Balkans in the Post-Cold War Period –

Vitalii Khromets: Islamic Education in Ukraine: Challenges and Future –

Denys Brylov: Islamic Education Between Tradition and Modernization: The Ukrainian Example –

Nedzad Grabus: Islamic Cultural Centers in a Secular Society: Mosque Building in Ljubljana –

Dmitry Shmonin: Theology in Secular and Denominational Universities in Contemporary Russia: Problems and Prospects for the Development of Religious Education –

Makhach Musayev: Islamic Education in Dagestan –

Leyla Almazova: Islamic Education in Contemporary Tatarstan –

Lala Aliyeva: A History of Islamic Education in Azerbaijan –

Anisa Borubaeva: The Situation of Religion and Education in Kyrgyzstan – Zaur G. Djalilov: Islamic Education in Kazakhstan.


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Publié par le septembre 21, 2013 dans Nouvelles Publications


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