Secular State and Religious Society

12 Déc

Secular State and Religious Society

Two Forces in Play in Turkey

Edited by Berna Turam


Ever since the highly controversial appointment of a pious president in the secular Turkish Republic in 2007, both the Turkish state and society have been deeply divided over the issue of piety and Muslim politics. The essays in this book reveal that state secularism and religious society mutually form, inform and transform each other. The contributors use fresh data and a variety of primary research methods to explore all the facets of the state-society relationship and consider the implications of their findings for freedom and democracy in the state.

Introduction: Secular State and Pious Muslims: Neither Rivals nor Allies for Life – Berna Turam * The Dynamic Nature of Educational Policies and Turkish Nation-Building: Where Does Religion Fit In? – Yesim Bayar * Islam, Nation-State, and the Military: A Discussion of Secularism in Turkey – Sinem Gurbey * Secularists as the Saviors of Islam: Rearticulation of Secularism and the Freedom of Conscience in Turkey (1950) – Umut Azak * Does Secularism Face a Serious Threat in Turkey? – Metin Heper * Christian and Turkish: Secularist Fears of a Converted Nation – Esra Ozyurek * Market Oriented Post-Islamism in Turkey – Tugrul Keskin * Conflict, Democratic Reform and Big Business: Factors Shaping the Economic Elite’s Position for Change – Devrim Yavuz * Toward Conceptual Integration of Religious Actors in Democracy and Civil Society – Aviad Rubin * Afterword – Murat Gunes Tezcur

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Publié par le décembre 12, 2011 dans Nouvelles Publications


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