From Caliphate to Secular State

09 Déc

From Caliphate to Secular State

Power Struggle in the Early Turkish Republic

 Hakan Özoglu

This insightful analysis looks at the power struggles of 1920–1926, a time during which the Ottoman Empire was replaced by a secular and modernist Turkish nationalist regime.

Designated president of the newly proclaimed Republic of Turkey in 1923, Mustafa Kemal embarked upon a process of Westernization that included the promotion of a secular Turkish national identity and the adoption of the Latin alphabet for the modern Turkish language. How was the new regime able to silence its critics and consolidate its vision?

Covering a short but eventful period in Ottoman/Turkish history From Caliphate to Secular State: Power Struggle in the Early Turkish Republic focuses on three major political and judicial maneuvers to demonstrate how opposition to and within the emerging Turkish regime was addressed during those pivotal years, and how the resulting power struggle contributed to the form of the new state that arose.

The analysis begins in 1918 when the Ottoman Empire, having lost World War I, was waiting for its fate to be determined by the Allied Powers. The book examines the original intentions and vision of Mustafa Kemal (later known as Mustafa Kemal Atatürk), as well as the effects of the Kurdish uprising in 1925, which helped the new regime silence its critics. The ongoing power struggles and their consequences are examined through 1927, after which the new regime quashed any and all opposition, enabling the new Turkish Republic to emerge as a staunchly secular, modernizing Western state.

• A bibliography of archival sources from the United States, Britain, the Ottoman Empire, and Turkey, as well as other primary and secondary sources in the Turkish, English, and Ottoman languages

• Examines a crucial period in Turkish history that has always been regarded as sacred for critical analysis
• Depicts the political landscape of the early Turkish Republic in the context of a struggle for power
• Gathers and draws from primary documents from the U.S. archives that have not been utilized before on the subject of the Ottoman and Turkish Republican history

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Publié par le décembre 9, 2011 dans Nouvelles Publications


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