Religion, Migration, Identities

14 Mar

European Social Science History Conference,

Glasgow, UK, 11-14 April 2012


Call for Abstracts


Religion, migration and the re-forming of identities in Southern Europe

Organizer: Alexandros Sakellariou

Countries like Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain face an increase in their migrant populations during the last years. In their vast majority these migrants are of African and Asian origin and of course of non-Christian orientation with Muslims being considered as the main ‘threat’ for social cohesion. Many debates are taking place regarding the influence these migrants have in the host countries, especially as far as the national and/or religious identity of the inhabitants in concerned and in addition on the way their continuous coming should be confronted (e.g. by the construction of fences, the denial of political asylum, deportation, etc.).

This session seeks for papers mainly from these four countries, even though not exclusively, in order to have an overview and answer questions like the following: How migrants interact with the local population and what kind of reactions they face on issues regarding religious freedom? Is there any evidence that their presence influences the re-formation of the identity of the locals and how is this taking place? Why migrants are considered as a threat to the dominant religion of these societies and how local authorities, political and religious, react? Is this a real threat or an ideological and symbolical one? Which are the similarities and the differences between these societies? Papers focused on case studies are mostly welcomed as well as comparative studies between these countries or between two different historical periods of the same country, without of course excluding any other innovative proposal.

Send your paper title and an abstract of 250-300 words the most, your name, title, institutional affiliation and a brief CV in one of the following emails until March 31, 2011. The selected papers are going to be submitted for final acceptance to the Conference Organizers by May 1, 2011. After the approval of our session each participant will receive an email with further information. Please keep in mind that if the session is accepted all participants should submit their final paper to the organizer at least one month before the conference in order to be circulated for the discussion.

For further information on the Conference please visit

For abstract submission or any other information please contact:

Dr. Alexandros Sakellariou,

Post-doctoral researcher, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences of Athens,

Scientific Associate of the Greek Historical Evangelical Archive,

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Publié par le mars 14, 2011 dans Manifestations scientifiques


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