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Research Training and Funding for Doctoral Students

 Multiculturalism, Immigration, and Identity

in Western Europe and the United States

 Organized by the Réseau Français des Instituts d’Études Avancées and the Dissertation Proposal Development (DFDF) Program of the Social Science Research Council

 An international conference with leading researchers in Lyon

  • Two four-day interdisciplinary training workshops
  • Assistance with research design and preparing funding proposals
  • Up to 3400 Euros for exploratory summer research


This program  will assist students to prepare for dissertation research on topics related to Multiculturalism, Immigration, and Identity in Western Europe and the United States through participation in a conference of field experts, two training workshops, and summer research under the mentorship of Professors Christophe Bertossi (Institut français des relations internationales, Political Science) and Nancy Foner (City University of New York Graduate Center, Sociology).  The conference and workshops will assist students to map and draw upon cross-disciplinary and transatlantic research on immigration, race, and ethnicity in Western Europe and the United States; define their own research questions; assess the utility of various research methods; undertake exploratory summer research; and prepare cogent and fundable doctoral research and funding proposals.

 The Research Field:

In both Europe and the United States, contemporary immigration has dramatically affected the social construction of ethnic and racial diversity and reshaped political, public, and academic discourses about diversity, citizenship, and belonging. Immigration and identity have become central to strongly politicized debates in Europe and the United States, but with a focus on different issues with different outcomes. Understanding similarities and differences in patterns of immigration and diversity in Western Europe and the United States calls for comparative research and analysis.


Six students from France and six from United States will be selected competitively. Doctoral students in any discipline of the social sciences or the humanities who meet the following criteria are welcome to apply:

 The student’s dissertation research project clearly fits within the research field.

  • The student is currently enrolled full-time in the first year of a PhD program at a French university and is preparing, but not yet begun, dissertation research.
  • The student’s English proficiency will enable oral participation in the conference and workshops, and completion of the application in English.

 Note:  This is the only field of the DPDF Program open to doctoral students not enrolled in a US institution.

 For a full description of the program and to submit applications

go to the DPDF Program website:

 [At the website select 2010 from the ‘Competitions’ drop-down menu.]

 For any questions about the program, please send an email to:

 APPLICATION DEADLINE:    29 January 2010

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