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 The emphasis on social, cultural and ideological cleavages has characterized academic studies on political and public culture in Turkey for decades. Not least, such studies have focused on what they describe as the deep-seated conflict between ‘secularist’ and ‘religious’ sections of Turkish society. The rapidly changing political, social, and cultural environment in Turkey, as well as changing international environment within which Turkey is embedded, however, call (yet again) for a reassessment of these research perspectives. ‘Emerging fault lines and New Public Spheres’ therefore aims at bringing together scholars on Turkey from various disciplines in order to explore and reflect upon features of shifting political identities and emerging fault lines in contemporary Turkey, as well as the various contexts in which they are produced, not least in the media.

 Among the key themes that could be addressed at the conference are: What are the features of the emerging fault lines of the past decade, which subject matters are defined as critical in public debates in Turkey, what imagined social spaces and audiences do various actors address, and how are the fault lines that divide Turkish society articulated? How does the shift of the status of the AKP from opposition to party in power (iktidar partisi) reshape the way in which various civic and political actors define themselves and relate to this (now) pro-Islamic political establishment? In what socio-cultural contexts in as well as outside Turkey are these fault lines produced, and in turn define new features of what is the public and what is the political? How do various media and media actors in and outside Turkey including newspapers, television, publishing houses and the internet contribute to shaping these newly emerging fault lines?


We invite proposals for papers from scholars from various disciplines. We are particularly interested in contributions which are based upon qualitative, in-depth studies from Turkey dealing with some of the above mentioned issues or related topics. We furthermore invite presenters to assist in developing analytical and conceptual frameworks, which enables us to grasp aspects of contemporary political identity formation in Turkey.

The conference is hosted by the research unit ‘The New Islamic Public Sphere’ at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. It takes place in Copenhagen March 19 – 21, 2010. The host institution will cover transport, accommodations and meals.

 Please send an abstract of no more than 250 words, and information about disciplinary background and academic affiliation to the organizers Daniella Kuzmanovic ( and Heiko Henkel ( The deadline for submitting abstracts is December 15, 2009.

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